Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Risking It All To Reach The Stars

I was at a funeral a few years back, on the front of the program was written a phrase the deceased was known for saying "Do what's right and risk the consequences." During the reception I was talking with a guy there about the phrase and how it was so simple, but to actually put it into practice would make a massive difference in a person's life. He told me that was how he wanted to live. He wanted to "wear out with age".

Another time, I was sitting in a class where they were talking about the Fear of the Lord. This is one of my favorite topics, but I will just say this about it for now. They focused on what our lives would be like if we really walked without fear in the promises of God and to obey when He directed us. As an effort to try it, for one whole day my friends and I declared that we would do what we felt was right. We termed it FOG day (Fear Of God). It was so surprising to see the things we chose to do. People were stepping out in so many different things and because of their boldness to do what was right, others quickly joined them. It was like a pebble creating lots and lots of ripples.

I'm not going to lie. As exciting as this is, it's also scary. If I were to always step up and do what's right, regardless of the consequences. I could end up with some not so fun repercussions. Doing what's right is not always popular or appreciated. I could lose friends. Maybe even family. But is is worth it? Yeah. I think it is.

How many of us at the end of our lives want to be remembered for the good things we did? How many of us want to be looked up to, admired and honored? The truth is, getting to be that person, well... most of the time you will be ridiculed, shunned and even rejected. People won't understand your incessant need to pick up every piece of trash when you walk across the park. They won't understand why you go to bed at 10 like an old grandpa so that you can get up at a decent time the next morning and thereby stay healthy. They'll look at you strange for saving your money instead of splurging on movies, or trips to Hawaii. And if you are a person of faith, they won't understand why you insist on thanking God before you eat.

Those are all little things that we can all do to "do what's right", but what about the bigger things? What if God asks something ridiculous or what if to do something right, it looks ludicrous to the rest of the whole world? Ok that may be a bit extreme, but what if it was that big?

If you read the Bible, God asks people to do some pretty ridiculous things, but those who have the guts to risk it and obey, wow! their lives are not only exciting, they get to star in the best selling book of all time. The Bible. Take the Israelites for instance. Circa. when they are entering the promised land. They've got this massive river to cross. A whole nation has to somehow get from one side to the other. God tells them to send the priests with the ark of the covenant across first. He says they will walk across dry land. One look at that river and I can imagine how many people were thinking "yeah right!". The river was in it's flood season, the current was really strong, the place where they were to walk down to the water was extremely steep, but, they chose to risk it. To do what's right. Sure enough as soon as the priests feet his the rushing water, it dries up and the whole nation is able to walk across on dry land. Talk about a life of adventure. 

I don't know about you, but that is definitely a life I want.

I found a "musings" that I wrote a few years back and thought it was perfect for this post...

I learned once, that the light we see from the stars is actually a thousand years old by the time it reaches us. I love stars so this random piece of information always stuck with me.
One day I was moaning and complaining to God about having to wait for things and He reminded me of the star that shone for Jesus. God asked the star to move a thousand years before Jesus’ birth and it obeyed. Even though it had no understanding of why it was moving and why it was told to shine it’s brightest, it still obeyed. Unquestioningly.
There are many times in life where God tells us to do something crazy and we may not understand why, but that doesn’t matter, because He does understand. The star helped me to remember that even in situations where I feel like I’m not making an impact, that I really am, even if I don’t see it, because I am obeying God’s call on my life. Puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it?

“For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” Matthew 2:2b

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