Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thus Saith the Word

Like any new years day I found myself thinking of new years resolutions and decided one thing I really wanted to conquer this year, was to read through the Bible from beginning to end. I must confess, while I've read several of the books of the Bible over and over again, there were books I'd never read, or had only read a VERY little of. So, I began my quest of reading this ginormous book.
The one thing I knew I needed to do was to refocus my perspective. Instead of coming at this book like it was something I must read in order to be a good Christian, I decided to look at it like a good fairytale, one I'd been dying to read. Lo and behold this new perspective opened my eyes to the fantastical and rich stories that make up the Bible. I rediscovered favorite characters like Elijah who with his staff called down fire to destroy his enemies. David who was so beloved by the people that it was a great honor to be one of his mighty men.  Deborah, a wise woman who commanded a whole country and led them to great victories. Men and women of valor, who defended the defenseless with swords, bows and arrows. People not unlike Robin Hood, King Arthur, Merlin and many others.
Now don't get me wrong, I know the Bible is truth, and I don't mean to make it sound like just a story. Putting this new perspective on it, rather than destroy the truth, actually revealed that it wasn't just history, but an amazing, old and awesomely rich story. Something that is truer and more alive than this world we currently call home. It's a richness I have yet to find a word for, something bigger and better than any of us could imagine. Something that haunts us, causes are skin to tingle with excitement and reverance. Something more real than this life we are living and I realize it whispers of what eternity will be like. This world will not hold us for long, we will only live here for the briefest of moments, not even long enough to bat your eye at.
We belong to another place, a richer, more alive place and my heart swells with the adventure that awaits.

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