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Daystar: The Days are Numbered by Anne Hamilton - A Review

Daystar: The Days Are NumberedDaystar: The Days Are Numbered by Anne Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daystar: The Days are Numbered is a children's fantasy novel I recently read. The story follows young prince Ansey as he and his new friends go on an adventure that could change their lives and if they're successful, save the ancient principality of Auberon-Zamberg.

The world Anne Hamilton created for her characters is full of fascinating creatures and cultures. There are frost giants, dwarves and knights. Talking foxes and magical Powers that hint to more than meets the eye. There were a few times I found myself getting lost in the story and wanting to see just around the corner.

One of the things I appreciated most about the story was what it was encouraging in the reader. It's a story of teamwork and perseverance. Of finding identity and discovering the armor of God. And ultimately it's a story of trusting the Ancient of Days.

I thought it was a very clever way to tell children about the armor of God. I've always been a big believer that the things God has for us are much more tangible than we think. So reading Hamilton's tale of finding Powers and seeing the allegory of them being the armor of God made me smile.

It's a tale I would have loved to tell.

There were only a few parts that felt false to me. There is a character who is autistic. While I love the idea of an autistic character, it felt a bit forced. More preachy than letting me, the reader, discover more about how a person with autism acts. However, knowing this is a children's book, reminded me that it would have to be written more that way in order for children to understand.

So. While it was one thing I didn't particularly care for, it also made me realize how much I'd forgotten I was reading a kids book. My love for story had consumed me until that moment.

Daystar reminded me of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and John White's The Sword Bearer. It's rich story world and characters came to life in my mind and I for one, hope Anne Hamilton writes more adventures with Ansey and his companions.

If you have children, I encourage you to go and purchase this novel and read it with your kids.

You can purchase Daystar: The Days are Numbered on Amazon.

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